Book review: “Water is…” by Nina Munteanu

By Nina Munteanu
Vancouver: Pixl Press, 2016. 564 pp.

In "Water is ..." Nina Munteanu invites us to embark on a journey that will take us through the different dimensions and meanings of one of the most important and mysterious elements of the planet: water. From a personal and dynamic perspective, —which flows between science, culture, tradition and spirituality, to name a few; the author gives us a vision where the seemingly simple nature of water is soaked in a surprisingly complex reality.
The book reveals the inherent meanings of water in the existence. It immerses us in the cell, our bodies, ecosystems, planets and even the known universe. Water is no longer just a "substance”, it becomes motion, memory, rhythm, beauty, vibration, magic, life, communication, story, prayer, wisdom and joy.

In the foreword to the book, the author presents her concerns about the disrespectful and irresponsible way in which we treat water and how we should take care in a more sustainable way. The relationship between the importance of water for life, together with the way we currently perceive it, led Munteanu to suggest: "We are water. What we do to water, we do to ourselves".

This book, emotionally connected me with water. As a result it fed my perception about the value of life. It reminded me that life, reveals in each space, a complex system that is full of surprise and beauty. A system of which I am part, without separation.

Water is a gift, is not a resource. The way we perceive our environment is the result of what we have learned and how we receive the message. We are free to discern and choose the view that best fits us. The important thing, is to never forget that the perspectives we take, will shape our life and the lives of others , both in the present and in the future.

Nina Munteanu, is an internationally published award-winning novelist, short story author , and non-fiction author of textbooks, essays , and science-for-public articles. She served for over twenty years as limnologist/ecologist—conducting research, publishing scientific papers and consulting in the environment. She currently teaches writing at the University of Toronto, Canada.

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