List of some brands that do not test on animals

According to PETA, each year, more than 100 million animals, including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds—are killed in U.S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation , and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testing. Before their deaths, some are forced to inhale toxic fumes, others are immobilized in restraint devices for hours, some have holes drilled into their skulls, and others have their skin burned off or their spinal cords crushed. In addition to the torment of the actual experiments, animals in laboratories , are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them—they are confined to barren cages, socially isolated, and psychologically traumatized .

In the U.S., the numbers of rats and mice used is estimated at 20 million a year. Over 20.000 rabbits were used for animal testing in the UK in 2004. Around 65.000 primates are used each year in the U.S. and Europe.

Technology has grown exponentially over recent decades, therefore, today animal testing is completely unnecessary. Many companies are opting for other methods that are less harmful to our environment. Here, a list of companies that do not test with animals.

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