Buying products for a lifetime

Every time I need to buy something, I put a lot of effort on searching for a design I like and for long-lasting materials. Nothing is more irritating than searching something for weeks, then finding an incredible design and reliable materials and that after a year is completely broken or defective.

It’s irritating because, after a year, the same search has to be performed again. So year after year, those broken and defective things accumulate in the garbage and after ten years, I will probably discard thirty leggings, ten pots, ten bags and lost at least a full week of my life searching for things that after a year or so I will discard anyway.

Researching on the internet to try to find an alternative to this irritating situation, I found “Buy Me Once”: an online store that promises to find and promote products that don’t leave you in bankruptcy, don’t destroy the planet and don’t break at all: products for a lifetime.

The store is also a way to challenge manufacturers to break their habits and build stuff that really lasts while offering a wide range of long-lasting products such as clothing, kitchenware, beauty articles, and much more. Buy Me Once is currently available for UK and USA; probably in the near future it will be in the EU and let’s hope in the entire world.

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